Why People are Afraid to Open to Their Soulmate

Every person has felt lonely being unable to get something off his or her chest, get advice, feel inclusive or just have a good time in a circle of like-minded people. There are some problems with building relationships nowadays; people can’t find a perfect partner whom he/she can build a long-term relationship with and be happy. 

First of all, you need to find a person so you can start building a romantic relationship. Trust your feelings, not emotions; this will solve some problems. So how to build a committed relationship with your chosen one?

What are the Reasons for Fears

True love makes us vulnerable

We trust another person when we are in relationships letting him or her influence us, which makes us feel too open and vulnerable. Our protective barriers are breaking down. All habits that let us focus only on ourselves for a long time are gradually changing for the sake of another person. We believe, the more we are into someone, the more painful it may be.

Love challenges our self-image 

Many of us struggle with the feeling that we are not made for love. It is difficult to realize your own value and believe you can become important to someone. When there is another person who treats you differently than your inner voice, that is, expresses love and acceptance, you can treat this with misunderstanding and even feel some discomfort because the loving person in his/her own way defies your established opinion about to yourself.

New love reminds of the pain in the past

When we start building relationships, we rarely fully realize how much our past will affect them. Old grievances can prevent us from opening up to someone new. You can refuse closeness because it reminds you of the pain, loss, anger, and rejection you have experienced from your ex.

With real joy comes real pain

Every time you feel real joy, you sometimes expect that this will soon be followed by great sadness. Many of us shun everything that makes us happy because we can also be hurt by this. When you fall in love, you often hesitate to immerse yourself into relationships because of the fear of sadness you may feel afterward.

Love is often not completely mutual 

Many people have doubts about whether to try dating someone who likes them. They worry that they will start building a relationship with him or her, and they will not have mutual feelings. That is, they are afraid to hurt this person, they are afraid to reject him/her. Letting yourself worry or feeling guilty about the fact you will or will not feel, you deprive yourself of building relationships with the person who is interested you, and, possibly, even the creation of relationships that will make you happy.