Do Girls Like Attention?

What kind of men do women like – good guys or machos? Or maybe they prefer wealthy ones with high prospects? Or romantic, creative men? Or maybe hooligans capable of not just risky, but even illegal actions? Not only teenagers and young guys ask this question, but also adult men who are willing to impress the ladies.

Let’s find out what type of men women are looking for and who impresses them. If a woman needs a fleeting romance on vacation, she will certainly prefer macho or the one who closely matches such a concept. The choice is made based on attractiveness. When a lady is willing to build a long-term relationship and create a family, she makes a choice in favor of a trustworthy person with potential, while handsomeness and man’s natural dominance recede into the background. The emphasis is laid on the future family well-being.

What Attracts Women to Men at First Glance

After all, it’s no secret there are men who know how to turn a girl’s head. What are those men like?

Ladies like compliments and gifts

It’s worth paying compliments and giving gifts, not for the manipulation purpose, but because you want to please a person you like. For example, you liked some of your girlfriend’s expression or statement. When the compliment is sincere, and the gift is made from a pure heart both of you win experiencing a feeling of deep joy and trust.

Ladies like caring and attentive men

Lots of women want a man to always be caring and attentive to them. Most ladies dream of a man showing his interest and concern only to her.

A woman likes a man who can make her feel like she is the only one

It is no secret almost every woman treats another woman as a competitor. Therefore, ladies are often hurt when the man is looking at other women or paying her compliments.

Women like men they feel comfortable with

Comfort is the lack of tension, misunderstanding in a relationship. This, as a rule, resides in those couples having lots of common interests and feelings for each other. They have similar views on life, relationships, etc. They estimate situations the same way and behave almost the same.

Most women love flowers with or without reason. The smell of flowers is erotic for a woman. And no matter what you think about it. If she hints she wants to get flowers, then the worst that a man can do is to say that he considers this a useless gift.

Another significant quality is reliability. Strong, brave men capable of supporting in a difficult situation and, if necessary, solving it always attract women. It’s no secret loyalty also plays an important role. Therefore, a woman is unlikely to choose someone who doesn’t have this quality for building long-term relationships and creating a family.