When is the Right Time to Propose to Her

The setting of the proposal is only part of what is valuable to a woman. A loving girl will say yes to you, even if you propose to her without any imagination. She will be happy because this has happened and you are now the bride and groom. But this does not mean a marriage proposal should be boring. It is very important to show the knowledge of your beloved’s tastes. Indeed, every girl, even the most pragmatic one, secretly dreams of being proposed beautifully.

When is the Time


  • Remember, classic is always good, so it’s suggested to stand on one knee. Most girls have been dreaming of this since childhood.
  • It is better to propose in the evening. Lots of people associate this time of day with romance.
  • If a girl says no or what she needs to think about it, don’t show anger. Either you hurried, or you chose the wrong woman.

1. Think about why you propose.

Tell the truth to yourself. Why did you decide to get married? What is your real goal? Maybe parents insisted on this? Or have all your friends already got married? Or does the girl constantly hint it is time to do that?

2. Make sure she is the one.

Why did you choose her? Answering this question, you can discover the hidden reasons for wanting to get married. There are many women, and you are alone. Carefully choose a spouse. It is very important that you make a proposal because you sincerely want it. 

3. Make sure she also wants it.

When a girl loves you, it can be seen in her actions, words, and decisions. This is important because you must be sure she will say yes. If you hurry or choose the wrong girl, you will be rejected. It is foolish to propose if you have never spoken to her about the future and marriage. Maybe she doesn’t want to marry at all or doesn’t take you seriously.

4. Decide on how to propose to a girl.

The girl will remember this moment for her whole life, so think about what and how you are going to do. Any ideas? Knowing the girl’s character traits, choose whether it will be a shocking proposal or a sweet and romantic one. Think about an option she likes best. A simple and memorable evening that ends with a proposal will impress a great number of ladies.

5. Make a proposal.

It is not necessary to memorize poetry and dress up in a tuxedo. The most important thing is to be yourself. Make a proposal the way you feel comfortable. Do not behave in a way that is not characteristic of you, since you will look insincere and funny in her eyes. Be ready for the fact your girlfriend will be shocked or cry — this is a normal reaction. No need to think that something went wrong. When she says yes, don’t be confused. Put a ring on her finger and kiss your future wife.